Offshore Engineering

Eligibility :

Experience Professional Engineers working in the oil and gas field like Shipyard Sales, Engineer , Managers , Project Engineers, Financers, Offshore sector , Government officials

Key Points of Syllabus

1.    Drilling Rig   course  (Jack Up rig ,Semi & Drill ship )

 ·        Introduction of Marinesystem

·        Introduction of drilling system

·        Introduction of Subsea system

·        Introduction of operations of various departments.

·        Safe working practice on Rig.

 2.    Specialization

 ·        Skidding operations onJacking Rig.

·        Jacking Rig jackingtrial operation.

 3.    New Built  drilling rigproject and Rig Inspection

 ·        Rig Inspections &Auditing

·        Project Management& Commissioning

·        Rigs Maintenance

·        Newly Built Rigsolutions

·        Rig Mechanical course

 4.    FPSO Familiarization course (FPSO -Floating, Production, Storage & Offloading)

 ·        Introduction tooffshore production .

·        Subsea productionsystem

·        Floating productionsystem

·        Introduction of exploration — phase method , seismic survey  , reservoir size ,reservoir factor

·        Floating productionsystem & worldwide operating floater and current development

·        FPSO Market overview

·        Introduction ofReleasing Tender for Hiring  FPSO

·        Government licenceaward & approval for field development

·        Project developmentstrategy & planning

·        Project managementprocedure

·        Field projectactivities and options

·        FPSO Hull design ,construction , method and requirement

·        FPSO Accommodation andHelideck

·        FPSO topside layout

·        Mooring system

·        Turrets

·        Risers

·        Topside processrequirement

·        Topside Processfunction

·        FPSO power generation

·        Others topsidefunction

·        Oil export

·        Gas exportreinjection  or LNG-GTL Possibilities

·        Regulatory requirementfor FPSO

·        Main FPSO safety risks

·        Accident Examples

·        Environmental issues /Incident examples 

5.    Offshore Engineering  course

 ·        Introductionto Upstream Industry including Exploration of Oil, Separation, Transportationand distribution. Some Videos are introduced here to give clear idea whatexactly the field is .. videos includes deep water drilling process, offshoreplatforms etc…

·        Types of VariousOffshore Platforms various levels including celler deck, main deck etc.

·        Well Head andInjection Well Basics

·        Christmas Tree andrelated piping arrangement.

·        Understanding workingphilosophy in offshore area.

·        Type of equipments andtheir use and basics of process in each area.

·        FPSO Basics (just forinformation)

·        Offshore Safety

·        Pipe Line

·        Pigging-Launcher and receiver

·        Videos are includedlike Pipe line installation and cleaning.

·        Role andresponsibilities of Design Engineer, and various departments




The Oil and Gas industry have offshore design engineering and construction projects as well as maintenance services which are technically and commercially challenging therefore good knowledge and competency of the project team members throughout the different phases of works are keys to the successful execution of these projects. This training aims to provide the participants with comprehensive foundation knowledge of Offshore Engineering.

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